Friday, January 29, 2010

A few photo's from this week

It's was back to school for Brandon, Taylor and Hamish this week and a new adventure for Hamish as he commenced secondary school and joined Brandon and Taylor at Gleeson.

You just have to love the hair.....he uses more hair product than Taylor and I.

It was a strange feeling waving goodbye from the driveway...I must admit it does make life easier now that Brandon is driving to and from school.

Brandon will have an interesting year juggling life, year 12 and his football.


Chookie said...

MMMMmmmmmm - definitely gotta love the hair.

Moira said...

Hehe, it's that time of year again, with all the back to school photos and the all important first impression with his classmates. And now you have photos for 18ths, 21sts, 30ths, 40ths... ;-)

Karen said...

Cool hair. Hope Hamish settles in well. How convenient to have a chauffer.