Saturday, January 31, 2009


If American idol is not your thing and Australian idol does not do it for you...I have the solution for you.....Chook Scraps idol 2009.

Auditions are currently being held, so why not pop on over and check it out.

This months challenges have also been announced so why not check these out as well.

Monday, January 26, 2009

it's hot hot hot....

We are about to have a heat wave here, the temp got to about 43.2 today (currently it is 39) and it does not look like cooling down until maybe next Tuesday when it will be 33.

Hamish started the school year today and Brandon and Taylor will commence tomorrow. It will seem strange not having anyone at home, Brandon has been on holidays since the last week of November.

I have had a bit of a scrapping blitz yesterday and today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A few layouts from this weekend

These first three layouts are for the monthly challenges at chook scraps. Taylor took this photo of herself and Megan on Christmas day, it really does look like Megan is looking into the camera.

This layout we had to scrap a Christmas picture, I didn't really take any Christmas picture so I thought I would go with Brandon training on Christmas morning.

This layout could not feature humans so I decided to show the contrast of winter and summer on the farm.

This layout was the sketch challenge for the cyber crop.

This challenge we had to creat a list and use two photos, my list and second photo are hidden on a tag behind the main photo. Taylor took this photo of the two of us on the boat on the way back to Cape Jervis.

This layout had to be a non-child layout and we had to use stamping and our newest item (tool, embellishment etc). The top photo was taken in August 2005 and the bottom on Christmas day last year, Tom is now deaf and just plods about.

Today we have been to the Tour Down under to watch Lance Armstrong and the other riders. Hamish was lucky enough to get a drink bottle from one of the Spanish team.
It's hard to believe that this is the last week of the school holidays and this will be Hamish's last year in primary school.
Brandon has recommenced training with the Norwood under 16's and tonight they have to do the 2.2km time trial, I am glad it is them and not me.
I think I am glad the holidays are coming to an end as they are starting to get on each other's nerves!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chook Scraps Cyber Crop this weekend

In the mood for scrapping why not pop on over to chook scraps and join in the Cyber Crop. The challenges will be posted later on today. I will post my completed work at the end of the weekend.

I will also post the completed layouts for the challenges at Chook Scraps, I still have a few more to do for this in particular will have to wait until my package arrives from Chook Scraps....they have a great range of papers, cardstock and scrapping supplies available in their shop.

On the home front the school holidays are drawing to a close, stationary has been purchased. I now just need to get Brandon some new school shoes and we will be organised.

We will also be back in football mose from next week as Brandon resumes training with the Norwood under 16 squad. Club training starts in a few weeks for both of the boys.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sketch challenge's from Chook scraps

These are my enteries for this month's sketch challenge at chook scraps
Challenge #1

Challenge #2

I am trying to use what papers I have at home for these challenges.....I seem to have accumulated a rather big collection and I think it is time I used the old before bringing in the new!!!

The pictures that I have used in the layouts were all taken on our trip to Kangaroo Island, there are more layouts coming with picture from the Island.

I completed a few other layouts, but I can't show these as they are for Heaven-sent design team kit which is not due to be uploaded until the 1st Feb.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Taylor and Megan

ok it is letting me add some pictures now......

The boys had a great time trying to skim rocks in the dam.....Megan had just as much fun trying to get to them.....she loves to swim in the dam...
Hamish was the culprit of the ball ending up in the tree.....
I will post some more photos later on this afternoon.

Happy New Year

Christmas has been and gone and so has New Years Eve.....

We spent Christmas on Kanagaroo Island this year with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle. The kids have described this as the best ever Christmas as Christmas day was spent on the farm. Lyn cooked a fabulous lunch....but it was the backyard cricket and football that they enjoyed the most. They also enjoyed seeing Tom (the jack russell terrier) again, he is looking really old now and they met Megan the new sheep dog.

I will post some pictures later and I am having problems uploading them at the moment.....grr

Wishing you all the best for 2009...

On the scrapping front, which for me has been a little quiet....If you are after some ideas on what to do why not check out Heaven-sent's challenge this month as it is the blind scrapping challenge that is featured in scrapbook creations magazine.

Chook scraps has 6 challenges this month and 2 sketch challenges as well....

My plan is to complete all of these challenges plus the continuous challenges at chook scraps and I also have to complete my Design team work at Heaven-Sent....I think I am in for a very busy month....

Hopefully later I will be able to add some pictures for you all to see.