Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

A few photo's from Christmas day....yep much to the family's disgust I insist on having a family photo, it's always a bit hit and miss when you use a timer

This is one of our neighbours houses......I have asked the boys to decorate the outside of our house next year.
My favourite decoration.

Sweet revenge.....many years a go when I was a teenager I had a couple of cousins who would wake me up rather early when I stayed at the farm, well they are both parents now and lucky for one of them who lives in the states and the other one lives close by and she, Sean, Josh and Jazz all came for Christmas brunch. We gave Josh a drum kit and they symbols work really and Jazz got a nice quiet toy a pink bike.....There are plently more opportunities to buy here noisey toys...

Taylor and Jazz

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