Friday, December 12, 2008

If you read my Christmas letter......

If you are checking out my blog as a result of reading my Christmas letter...thankyou

On the right hand side of the blog you will see a section on other sites I like to visit. It is here you will find links to view Hamish and Brandon in action and just to make it easy they both wear #11 for the Gullies, or instead you can just click on their names and this will take you straight to them.

An update on Craig's knee: His sugery went well yesterday and he even has a small trophy for his trouble. He is slowly moving around, but taking things slowly. As he can't drive for a week I scored the footy training run tonight, luckily for me it was indoors at Pembroke's school gym. Tonight the boys participated in the beep test, agility test and the vertical leap. This time next week we will know if Brandon has made the cut, fingers are crossed.

All three children are now on holidays and are looking forward to the time off school.

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